Photographer Yuri Sanin

“Seen by the eye … triggered … and …the shutter of the lens flashed the light on the film…The instance is gone. Now imprinted into the chemical memory, it has to be reborn into 2D space. The memory of the event, film-thin proof of the happening & existence in the world…”

For me, as for many other people, photographs created and printed manually, carry a piece of soul and warmth of someone’s hands that created them. The uniqueness and originality is a feature of hand-printing methods. Namely such vintage photographs are being collected.

The author, Yuri Sanin, born in Kiev, Ukraine, began studying photography with enthusiasm more than 35 years ago.

Combining passion for photography and outdoor activities, he has created a great collection of photos. The main trends of his work are classic black and white landscapes, romantic urban landscapes, genres and portraits.

The author is one of the organizers and participants of the "Kiev Photographic Society” , co-founder of International Festival " ChernigovFotoFest " Cultural photographic center " Fotokult ."

Yuriy Sanin took part in many photo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Photos made by the author , using a Medium and Large format camera (from 6x6  to 20x25 sm, 4x5, 8x10 inches , black-and- white and colour film .

Most black and white photographs can be printed by the author using optical silver-gel printing.

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